Nothing Combats Dirt and Germs Like a Deep Clean

Your shoe-wearing guests are gone, but can you guess what they left behind? Here’s a hint: It’s beyond what you can see. And it’s worse than you think.

Every season brings its own problems. You might have to deal with dust and grass stains in the summer and ground-up leaves in the fall. In the winter you’ve got salt. And then when spring comes around, there’s mud everywhere. Everything you see when you look out the window might get tracked into your house. And from there it ends up embedded in the fibers of your carpeting or stuck on your hardwood floors.

As ugly as these visible headaches can be, they’re nothing compared to what’s hiding from your eyes just beneath the surface. For every spot you can see, there’s thousands—millions—of particles and germs you can’t see. And they can linger on your floors, your baseboards, and deep in your carpeting, holding fast even when you throw everything you’ve got at them.

And don’t forget man’s best friend. We all adore our pets, but we don’t always love what they drag into our houses. Even our cleanest and most well-trained furry friends will drop hair and dirt everywhere, adding to what our own feet bring in from the outside. All of that fur and dander circulates in the air, keeping our sinuses irritated. (Let’s not even mention the price our carpets pay for those accidents pets sometimes have!) Worst of all: If you have a baby or a toddler, just think about what she’s crawling in if she’s learning to walk on your carpeting…

Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial has the solution: Deep cleaning. 

That’s why it pays to hire a professional cleaning crew like Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial. We can get out the dirt and grime that’s beyond the reach of normal household vacuum cleaners. Our specialized, state-of-the-art equipment enables us to remove the toughest spots and stains. We can even tackle the black lines around the baseboard of your home caused by old or dirty ductwork.

And we aren’t just a carpet cleaning service. We also clean upholstery. We’ll make sure that when your carpeting looks and smells like new, your comfiest chair will match it!

Best of all, if what you want is green carpet cleaning, at Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial we use certified green cleaning products. They are a safe and healthy alternative to the harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals of old. You can trust us to be kind to the environment both inside and outside your home.