Blog Post 6

We’ve got news for you: Your company simply DOES NOT save money when the owner cleans the office.

It may seem like it does. After all, maybe you’re already there for the day. You haven’t taken a special trip just to tidy up your desk or sweep your floors. But is this really the best use of the hours you spend at work? Isn’t your time worth something? Isn’t it valuable?

Of course it is! That’s why you should be dedicating your day to growing and expanding your business. Every minute you spend with a rag or a mop in your hand is time that could be better spent on getting new clients, closing new deals, or getting the word out about all of the great products and services you have to offer. Don’t tie yourself up with sweeping and scrubbing. Leave the cleaning to the experts.

There is such a thing, in business, as being penny-wise and pound-foolish. In this case it means thinking that you can save a few bucks by doing the cleaning yourself. But in the long run, is that actually how it’s going to work? Are you really going to see any savings at all?

Think about it. In order to make your floors shine and your carpets look like new—in order to present the best version of your company to the world—you have to practically assemble an arsenal’s worth of cleaning products and equipment. Do you really want to invest in your own floor buffer, or pay to rent one and transport it every time your floors look a bit dull or scuffed up? Would you be happy to crowd your kitchen cabinets and bathroom shelves with a stockpile of disinfectants and scouring pads? Isn’t there a better use of that space? And think of the cost of continually replacing all of those supplies.

That sounds bad enough, but that’s just how things would be under normal circumstances when you’re doing all of your own cleaning. Now imagine that you wrench your back while bending over to empty that heavy mop bucket. Spending time away from work recovering after an injury like that is not exactly getting the most out of the precious time that your business needs from you in order to succeed.

“Cheap” is expensive. Don’t cut corners. Show that you’re business-savvy by hiring our team of professional cleaners at Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial. Your bottom line will thank you.