Leave the Cleaning to Us!

Your assistant doesn’t want to clean the office, but she’s afraid to tell you.

Oh sure, she’ll do it if you ask her to. But the whole time she’ll be thinking, “Is this really what I was hired to do?”

We’ve got nothing against her. In fact, we think she’s right.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the morale of your assistant, or anyone else in your office, just to make sure that your workplace looks neat and tidy.

When it comes to cleaning your office, why not hire someone whose business is cleaning? At Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial, that’s what we do.

Cleaning, just like any other task or occupation, requires a set of specialized skills. There are techniques that the pros use that not everyone has had a chance to master. And there’s equipment that the layperson may not have or even know how to use safely and effectively. That’s when it’s time to turn to a professional.

Your assistant will thank you. Now she doesn’t have to dust the desks and the monitors, or sweep and mop the floors, or—and this is the best part—tackle the kitchen and the bathroom. She can spend her time doing the work you hired her to do. And she gets a clean office out of the deal as well!

But there’s even more to it than that. People are happier when they know that they’re more valued at work. And that positive feeling translates into higher productivity. Your employees are an investment. Their unique skills and talents are an asset. You likely put a lot of time into searching for them, not to mention interviewing them, training them, and making them feel like an essential part of your organization.

Don’t make them feel as though you’re pushing work onto them that you would never do yourself. Don’t make them think that you’re too stingy to hire someone to specialize in keeping the office clean. And, most of all, don’t make them fearful that you only care about the bottom line and that the business can’t make enough money to enlist the services of a team that really knows how to clean.

In short: Give your staff the environment that will help them to focus and to do their best. Don’t just be the good boss who says that you value your employees. Be the great boss who shows them how much you do! At Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial, we’re here for you and your business!